Security Challenges in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, companies, governments, critical infrastructures and individuals are facing an increasingly challenging security and cybersecurity environment.

Our key speaker, Harold O’Connell – Director of INTERPOL’s Capacity Building and Training Directorate, at INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore outlined Interpol’s role in South East Asia, the key challenges they face in the region and what their approaches to these problems. In addition, he also addressed how these challenges are currently affecting companies in the region.

Our panel discussion introduced you to key industry players who shared their assessment of the next level of cybersecurity threat and what key questions business leaders should be asking about cyber security. The panelists are Stephan Neumeier, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific; Apala Ray, Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research; Christian Karam, Director and Global Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence at UBS.